Under Brazilian law, a trademark can be defined as any visually perceptible sign, symbol or name, whose purpose is to identify your products or services and differentiate them from your competitors’.


A patent is a temporary title given to an invention that grants its holder the exclusivity to commercialize his/her creation. It is not possible to patent an idea, but only the practical result of that idea.

Industrial Design

Industrial Design is the intellectual creation linked to the appearance of objects, such as a set of lines and colors, which provide a fresh and original look for products that are already known and can be industrially produced.


In Brazil, Software is protected by a copyright-based law. Protection ensures that reproduction, editing, distribution and use by third parties is prohibited without the authorization of the owner.


Copyrights are the rights that every natural or legal person who creates an intellectual work has over its creation. It can be books, texts, poetry, music, photographs, drawings, paintings, cinematographic works, among others.


Our office is fully qualified to act on the licensing of trademarks and patents, contracts for the transfer of technology and franchises, not only in the elaboration of the contract, but also its registration with the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI).


Lawsuits related to the protection and defense of Intellectual Property rights require a high degree of specialization and know-how.

Unfair competition

Unfair competition crimes are, among others, false publications, in order to gain an advantage over the competition, imitation of the competitor’s advertising and creations that confuse the consumer.

General Data Protection Law

At Mt4, we conduct our business in the legal and technological adequacy of processes, security policies, data reports, legal bases, contracts, contingency plans and vulnerability testing, in accordance with the General Data Protection Law.

Domain names

In a global world without boundaries, domain names are a valuable tool for e-commerce and the protection of such assets is paramount.

Innovation Management

Our professionals have great experience in working with Technological Innovation Centers, helping universities and companies to develop innovation policies, forms of remuneration for inventors, agreements with …

Business Law

MT4 has a solid partnership in the area of Business Law, including Tax, Corporate and Labor consultancy, offering our clients a wide range of services…

Technological Prospecting

Weauxiliateresearchersandorganizations in theanalysis, prospectionandevolutionoftechnologicaltrends in a givensegment, supportingthem in theirstrategicdecision making…

Registration of Works and Documents via Blockchain

Weoffercustomizedsolutionsfor proofofauthorshipofworksanddocuments via blockchainprotectedcryptographicfirgerprints. Thisregistration takes placethroughpartnershipswithspecializedcompanies…